blukii Info provider

blukii* the info on your phone

You stand in a shop. Directly in front of a product (for example a sofa). You are interested in the product and you want to know more about it. Not a problem – with the blukii Info App.

Scan EAN Codes, QR Codes, NFC InfoPoints or Bluetooth InfoClouds around the product with the blukii Info App. The phone downloads the requested information and shows it on the display in the correct language (adjustable: German, English or French). The multi-tech-scanner is made for multi-application purposes and is extremely easy to use.

blukii Signup

Install the free blukii Info App from the Google Play Store and test it. Scan the EAN Code on the Schneider writing tools - for example in a paper shop. You will be automatically linked to the appropriated Internet page - in the correct language.

blukii Info provider

blukii* the info around your product

The Product Manager delivers the product information. They upload the information as an “info provider” via the Internet with the blukii Info Manager. There they are able to assign different forms of media (i.e. A Youtube film, PDF file, HTML Internet site, or VCard) to an EAN / QR-code, an InfoPoint or InfoCloud. – By assigning the EAN / QR-code, InfoPoint or InfoCloud to a location, for example on a shop shelf or an exhibit; they define a location to access the information.

Click on one of the following buttons to see additional Information about the blukii Info Manager.

On the product you can find either:


Now you can link a scanned EAN code to the internet. This makes it possible to connect every product with Youtube films, PDF files or Internet sites. That`s new. That`s blukii.

NFC InfoPoint

NFC InfoPoint

NFC InfoPoints are the new and improved way of obtaining information. Just touch the NFC InfoPoint with your NFC-Phone – and you get the information requested. That`s cool. That`s blukii.

Devices which do not have an NFC interface, can scan the QR code on the NFC InfoPoint – like normal.

Bluetooth InfoCloud

Bluetooth InfoCloud

Our most convenient way obtaining information is by using the Bluetooth InfoCloud. Without any direct action the information appears on the Bluetooth 4.x mobilephone display. That`s super convenient. That`s blukii.

Simple usage

In the case that not all information is always requested, the user is able to adjust (or shut off) the sensitivity of their InfoCloud antenna.

Some situations are controlled automatically in the background.

The next information will not be shown until the current information is finished by
- pushing the “back button” or
- touching an NFC InfoPoint with your NFC mobilephone.
This prevents an unwanted termination of the current action.

The repetition of InfoCloud information is only possible if another InfoCloud’s information has been shown in between. This prevents unwanted display of the same information again.

These two very simple rules allow for extremely easy use of information on the go. That`s blukii.

Larger Data Volumes

When providing larger data volumes (for example Youtube films) a more powerful hardware and connectivity is needed. Otherwise reduce the data volume / quality during the film download, which can be set between 144p and 720p. We found 360p to be optimal. To do this, click on the three dots on the top right of the Youtube Player and go to the quality menu item.


You can now feed customers with information at the location where they're most likely to respond to it – and all without a sales assistant. At the same time, wasted audience is minimized which also considerably reduces costs.

On top of this, a few clicks is all it takes to directly sell, for example, articles in your shop window via the brand shop outside of opening hours. The goods are delivered to the customer.

Very often, product presentations on customers' mobile devices are very static and impersonal. The right video at the right moment though can provide the impulse needed to persuade them to buy the product.

How can a mundane travel agent in the High Street create a longing to travel? With the right video on the mobile phone! After all, when you see New York on the TV, don't you think how great it would be to go there?

Heard this question before: "What's for supper?" When a supermarket joins forces with a top-notch chef, the down-to-earth retailer turns into an emotional problem solver. With his collection of 100 recipes, Gordon Ramsay can present two inspiring lunches or suppers every week for a whole year.

How can you bring a museum to life? Use people and films to tell the story! Pure emotion on a mobile phone. Suddenly a visit to a museum becomes as fascinating as a blockbuster – for youngsters too.